A personal message from Sir James Hardy OBE

Whilst ‘at the helm’ a great leader clearly defines the vision and expertly charts the course so that goals are crystal clear for all stakeholders.

A great leader creates the highest levels of motivation whilst ensuring resources and skills are sufficient to attain the goals.

And leadership is also needed at all levels of an enterprise to provide the succession for continuity, innovation and growth.

Studies have shown that successful leaders come in many different combinations of values, personality, intellect, aptitude, motivation, experience and even physical make-up.

But past performance and achievement is not always an accurate indicator of future performance, and therefore so many additional attributes need to be assessed and matched to a particular challenge or enterprise.

So when the time comes to attract and secure exceptional leadership capability for the continuity and growth of your enterprise, how will you ensure you ‘get it right’?

This is where, I believe, CMLpartners Executive Search brings unique strengths and benefits to your enterprise.

I commend CMLpartners to you.

    Sir James Hardy OBE FCPA FAICD
    Senior Partner, Leadership

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